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As we enter into the Christmas season and 2017 draws to a close we anticipate a new year filled with opportunities. If you are a young man with a sense of calling, or if you are already ordained, we realize that you may also be looking for new opportunities for 2018. Now is a great time for you to consider serving God in the Anglican Church in America.

The Anglican Church in America, with the other G4 Joint Synod Continuing Churches, are poised for growth. God willing, the struggles of the past are behind us, as, in humility, we seek to serve one another in unity and love, rather than compete with one another. We believe that the fruit of humility is the blessing of God, and we think we are already seeing evidence of this.

At the 2017 Joint Synod in Atlanta each of the presiding bishops, talked about moving forward and orienting towards growth. Bp. Brian Marsh and the ACA are doing just that. Our new website is part of our new initiative to present a forward looking and growth oriented vision and commitment. As we look around our church, and in particular the Diocese of the Northeast, from where I am writing, we are excited to see the new things God is doing. Recently, Deacon Phillip Cunningham (pictured left) was ordained to the priesthood at Saint Nicholas on September 9th by Bishop ‘Hendy’ Webb. Nearly ninety souls (both parishioners and family members) came from far and wide to witness this wonderful event in the life of our church. His ordination as well as others in the past year are revivifying our churches. Church of the Transfiguration in Mechanics Falls Maine is also an amazing sign of God's providence and blessing. This small group began just over a year ago with nothing more than a mission plan, now they own a building and are a growing and thriving hub of activity there, having grown by 600% in one year! God is moving!

In the coming months more resources to help strengthen and grow our parishes will be made

available on our website and through social media like facebook. We want to help our congregations succeed and grow, reaching out to the world in active love. And in the years to come more opportunities to serve will develop as our churches continue to grow and as the need for new clergy arises through retirement or relocation. The ACA offers a unique opportunity to serve God in your vocation in an environment where concern over Women's Ordination or other matters of doctrine or practice need not trouble you. As with the other Continuing churches, our commitment to classical Anglicanism, as grounded in the Prayerbook and fidelity to historic liturgical practice, is stable and secure. To this we are strengthening our evangelical commitment to preach the gospel and serve those in need, making a difference in our communities. We invite you to consider serving God in your vocation in the ACA.

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