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The Continuing Anglican Network of Parish Development, Mission and Evangelism
Church Planting, Parish Growth and Evangelism

The Continuing Churches are continuing the Faith forward.  The four major Continuing Churches, the ACA, ACC, APA and ADHC are in full communio in sacris, and are moving towards real organic unity.  This unity is a work of the Holy Spirit and a sign of blessing. Another sign of the activity of the Holy Spirit is growth, and our churches are growing and new missions are being started.

We are creating a movement to equip and expand church planting and church growth for the sake of the Kingdom of God through our Anglican Catholic vocation.  This is no easy task. In fact, it requires us to work twice as hard for half the results of only one generation ago. In order to this, we are focusing on ways to leverage our unique calling as parishes in the catholic tradition of Anglicanism, together with technology and other resources to communicate the changeless gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Support Church plants, the IAF, and local ministries


Serving others locally and abroad.


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