Relief Effort for the The Diocese of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean

Relief Effort for the Diocese of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean

Status Report 02 January 8, 2018

The churches in the diocese of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean were hard hit by hurricane Maria. Financial and material aid are still underway, although at a slower pace. To date, over $36,300 has been contributed and the donors have included individuals, church congregations, Christian groups, and national organizations from throughout the United States and Canada.

Because over 50% on the island is still without electricity and running water, The Rt Rev Juan Garcia, Ordinary for the Diocese of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean (DPRC) has purchased generators, bottled water, and foodstuffs for parishioners in need. Needless to say that, without support from his Anglican brothers and sisters, Bp Juan’s burden would be even greater.

The outpouring of caring and generosity in response to this horrific event continues to be incredible! Thank you!

The IAF continues to serve as a conduit for transferring donated funds as needed.

Contact Erv Lischke, Executive Director, IAF, with any questions:

(406) 642-3085, mobile (406) 381-6890 or,

Updated information to follow as it becomes available.

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The Most Rev. Juan Garcia

El Madrigal 2A-3

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